Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to welcome you Home with Aesthetics

Aesthetics, functionality, cost cutting, space and illumination has been the primary and most important factors leading to furnishing a Home, Office, etc. Furniture which is prefabricated, modular, and made from recycled wood is a contemporary furniture system highly in demand. Making use of flexible set of pieces that you can use to make your own plans and designs at home, like the ultimate hybrid of LEGO-type construction techniques and IKEA-style furnishings are the need of the hour. EcoSystems provides fully-finished and eco-friendly furnitures but also manufactured kits of parts that can be used to create DIY designs using recyclable aluminum connectors, green wooden surfaces and other factory-prefab pieces.

Fixtures and fittings equally need expertise in selection. Door handles needs to be of best and highest quality which not provides exceptional functionality but also a good d├ęcor for your home or office. Some few to mention Domici, Kaba, Lockwood door handle dummy set polished Chrome or satin pearl etc.

Ceiling lights can not only light up your whole room – they’re a great way to show off your style, too. From spotlights to flush ceiling lamps to pendants that make a design statement. Pendant lamp, Led spotlight, pendant lamp shed, ceiling track, squad spotlights, cord set diffuser etc. Is a real delight for shopping with mind boggling designs and varieties irresistible to shop?

Outdoor environment is just as important as the indoors when it comes to lighting. Outdoor lighting is crucial to prevent accidents outside of the home of a night time and it can act as a security measure, to deter intruders that welcome the dark. Outdoor in-ground deck lights offer a warm, cosy and welcoming ambience to your deck, patio or alfresco. Outdoor flood lights provide excellent general lighting and accent lighting. Garden / Spike Lights, Pillar Mount Lights, deck lights, flood lights, post and bollard lights and exterior wall lights available in various colours and materials aims to suit every style.

I always see that my bathroom has not only the latest bathroom design, trends, but has also beautiful and innovative accessories and new products with up to date information on sustainability of the same. Experiential showers, luxurious fittings, glamorous freestanding baths and sculptural mixer taps, wet room workhouse feature prominently. Space saving fixtures, rich in clever features, understated design and ongoing savings in terms of water conservation are key to the success of the space. Multifunction showers, Rain Duet Shower Column featuring an overhead shower with Katalyst spray technology plus a versatile handshower and the clever Flipside shower head with four spray patterns are a rage.

While bathrooms may be getting bigger it’s the savvy choices we are making that have had the most profound effect on ourwellness centres’.

Budgets are often limited but expectations are extremely high. This is definitely Modern Living!

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