Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beautify your Homes with Vinyl Floor Coverings

cWhen you think about decorating your home you cannot ignore the floor covering. For this you need to know about the options that you have. You may be happy with the floor covering you have but you would like to give it a second thought once you see the different options that you see in the design centers in Australia. You cannot beat the charm of a new and attractive floor covering Sydney for your house.
You can choose wood, tiles or even prefer to have just carpet but how about the Vinyl floors? Vinyl is available in low and high both qualities and whatever your budget is, you would find some or the other type in your budget. You can find composite or solid types of vinyl. The solid vinyl is made of vinyl pieces that are set in the vinyl base whereas composite vinyl is set in non-vinyl base.

The better quality you want the more vinyl contents it should have. The vinyl flooring is covered by protective layers and the floors are given cushion backing. The cushion thickness can vary and is up to your choice. Thicker cushioning can be good for your kitchen and for the rooms of kids where you think that the damage by falling or dropping of the items is more. It is better to have thinner cushions as they last longer and is less prone to dents.

Textured Vinyl floors are also great because they do not show up dents easily.  If you think of installing your own Floor Covering then you can select vinyl tiles. You would be easily able to install them and find it easier. You just need to peel off the adhesive at the back of the tiles and paste them. There are other types of the tiles where you need to glue them up however when you select them just make sure that you will not plan to replace them soon. If you have any plans to replace them in some time then choose the ones that just need to be glued at the corners and can be easily removed.
The vinyl sheets are a little costly and you can buy them on the rates of per square foot. The sheet may be difficult for you to install and you may need professional help. Whichever type you choose, if you have chosen it wisely then you would love the change and new look that you add to your house. Vinyl floors can be easily hopped online as well as from the stores like PYD, where you can find lot of choice in terms of quality, designs and patterns.
Large stores like this give you a chance to see and compare many brands under one roof and make your decision easier. You can simply walk up these stores or visit their websites to see what they have to offer you and make you purchase according to it. You can also get resolution to your queries by posting them online.

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